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项目地点 | 福州 项目名称 | 融汇山水 项目面积 | 325㎡ 设计团队 | 福建安定空间设计有限公司


The extraordinary charm of ancient Chinese culture and the integration of modern oriental life, feel the combination of traditional and modern beauty. Interior design shows the contemporary simple atmosphere, pay attention to the experience of people walking in the space, space patchwork, color and beauty, inside and outside scenery blend each other. 中国古老文化的非凡魅力与现代东方生活的融合,感受传统与现代的结合之美。室内设计展现当代的简约大气,注重人游走于空间的体验感,空间错落有致,色调以和为美,内外景色相互交融。



cozy green branches, people feel at home, long in the legendary scenery, embroidered in the nature of the scroll. 惬意的绿枝,让人有宾至如归的感觉,长在传说中的风景,绣在自然中的画卷。



Wine tasting, movies, conversation. 可品酒、可观影、可谈天。


The texture of the square, round, plain, simple and clumsy objects, and the modelling lamps blooming over the dining table reflect each other, making the Song Dynasty minimalist aesthetics and Western modernism have the tension of antithesis. 方、圆、素、朴、拙的物之质感,与盛开于餐桌上空的造型灯相互映照,令宋代极简美学与西方现代主义呈隔空对仗之张力。

The design of the teahouse is simple and antique. The steady walnut color makes the whole space quiet and tranquil. The soft light and flower art give the Space Zen. 茶室设计简约而有古韵,稳重的胡桃木色让整个空间静谧安然,柔和的光线与花艺予空间以禅意。

The beauty of Song Ci lies in its artistic conception. Master bedroom to show the color of the United States, to flower out of Zen, fragrant poem heart long system. 宋词之美,在气韵在意境。主卧以色显华美,以花出禅意,馥郁诗心长系。

The secondary color scheme is elegant, gentle white and neutral gray to accommodate every detail of the space. A cluster of lights, a curtain of light and shadow, showing the ancient Chinese style and poetry. 次卧配色清隽风雅,温和的白与灰中庸地包容空间内每一个细节。一簇灯火,一帘光影,尽显中式古意与诗韵。

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